Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ron Paul Media Blackout Myrtle Beach Debate

We had yet another media bias blackout for Ron Paul. During the Freedom and Family event on the outside stage at the Myrtle Beach debate 1/16/12 Ron Paul was once again a victim of the media. This took place in the afternoon four or five hours before the debate. All of the Candidates spoke at this event. After Rick Santorum spoke it was now Ron Paul's chance to speak. Immediately after Rick Santorum finished his speech he went over and did an interview with Fox News and they cut off Ron Paul's volume to the audience, this lasted throughout his whole speech and as soon as he was done the volume magically returned. There was at least a few hundred people at this event which I'm sure were all likely voters that weren't able to here Ron Paul's message of Freedom and Liberty. Dr. Paul is the most qualified Candidate to speak at the Freedom and Family event as he is the only one that is one hundred percent for the American's freedom as well as the only Pro-Life Candidate thats got the record to prove it. It's unreal how the media continues to do this to Ron Paul but they can try all they want and they still wont keep his message from getting out.
Ron Paul 2012


MSM_is_biased said...

Thank you for reporting this. Many people are still oblivious to the fact that there is a media bias against Ron Paul.

Ron Paul 2012!

Do you happen to know how if the audience was pre-selected? I was shocked at how blood thirsty they sounded, booing the only candidate that wants to be cautious about going to war. The one who gets 2X the donations from active duty then all candidates including Obama COMBINED! How could SC citizens be oblivious to this?

Daniel Wool said...

I didn't go in the debate this time but outside at this event at the debate seemed to be average people except it seemed that Newt had paid people there holding 3 or 4 signs next to our several dozen signs.. they finally gave up when they realized how much more stronger our group was..

Khairul Islam said...

The one who gets 2X the donations from active duty then all candidates including Obama COMBINED!

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